Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh, My Aching Back

Well, as you know I've been going to the gymn walking like a mad woman, trying to get rid of my pooch.  My back hurt a little at first but it got progressively worse, instead of feeling better.

I stretched and stretched, but it still hurt.  I got three massages, but to no avail.  What was wrong with my back?!

Guess what?  It was my shoes!  I was wearing tennis shoes that I probably bought 5-6 years ago...they still looked good, so what was the harm in wearing them, right?

Well, when I was on the Misty Meadows Farm in Minnesota on vacation, it occurred to me to buy some cushiony shoes, something I am not accustomed to buying.  I usually buy blingy shoes with little or no support, like these shoes I recently bought.

No real support, but aren't they pretty?!

I started by buying these shoes, they're all right cute, but not usually what I go for.  I bought them at K-mart and they were on sale, so they cost approximately $17.

The brand name is "Cuddles" and it's true, they really cuddle and cushion your feet.  My back immediately started to feel better!

I like the cutouts on the red suede.  I wore these everywhere on my Minnesota vacation!

And then I bought these mules, also at K-mart, also on sale.  They have a nice arch support and are super comfy too.  They are Thom McCann. I don't remember ever owning Thom McCann shoes....I guess I'm growing up.

The cutouts in these shoes are pretty cute too. I wear these all the time now and my back finally feels great.

Last, here are the walking shoes I bought.  I researched some online for the best walking shoes, and New Balance got pretty good marks across the board.  They are extremely lightweight and comfy and have got a nice arch support.   And more important...they're cute!

What shoes do you wear that make your back feel great?


  1. the first pair of flip flops and even the second pair, mainly because of the wider band (that style keeps my feet more secured). Second Cuddles are pretty good shoes especially for the $$ and are comfy. Love the mules. Avia's are usually the tennis shoes I buy, but not sold on them entirely. I find having a arch support is key for me. Now if they would only come up with a "walking" shoe that are high tops (weak ankles here).

    Capture life!

    1. Hi, Kathy!

      Yes, I had Avia before too, in fact they are what is hurting my back right now but only because they are old...I think they are pretty good shoes. Yes, I sure love those bling sandals! I'm going to wear them anyway, just not for long distances. And those Cuddles and the mules are the best buys I've made in a long time. My back thanks them!

      Carol Joy

  2. Carol, Thom McAn used to sell shoes out of a storefront in Clearwater. I remember Mom taking us to buy school shoes there when we were young. Now, they sell through K-Mart. They are good shoes. SAS shoes are good, too, very comfy and long-lasting.

  3. Hi, Theresa,

    I didn't remember that they were Thom McAn shoes, wow what a blast from the past. They are good shoes too, I wear those mules most days now!

    Carol Joy


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