Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting Rid of My Pain and My Pooch

No, in this case "pooch" does not mean dog, I love dogs.  I'm talking about the mound of fat on my stomach that seems to have a mind of its own: It won't obey the fat burning laws that decree if I eat right and do enough exercise, my pooch will disappear like an annoying mosquito.

As far as pain:  my hips and lower back are really sore, I'm thinking I overdid it will the butterfly stretches.  In retrospect, I think I was forcing my legs instead of gently letting them go out as far as they could.  Note to self:  If a pose hurts, loosen it up.

So, I took Kathy's comment to heart at the bottom of this recent post, and I went to a Saturday beginning yoga class.   This yoga class was all about stretching, balancing and developing your core muscles. (jackpot!)  What are core muscles, you ask?  Well, they just control the movements in your entire body!  In fact, a sore back can indicate a weak core area.

These are great exercises for us, Ladies, because not only do they strengthen your core muscles but they trim your middle, give you more body control and improve your posture, among other things.  And your body feels so good when you stretch!  Here's some exercises from my yoga class designed to strengthen core muscles:

Yoga for Abs Sequence
Cat-Cow Stretch

Yoga for Abs Sequence
Hands and Knees Balance

Downward Facing Dog
Downward Facing Dog

My right back/hip area feels okay now, but my left side is still really sore so I'm going to relax in a hot bath.  I'm thinking if I do walking, interspersed with 1-2 weekly yoga classes going forward, I'll be fine.  What have you found works to get rid of back pain? 

In other news, check out the bucket bag purse I made a couple of years ago...I've decided my next project will be an orange dress and I think this purse will go perfect with it.

Look how cute, I sewed these fruit beads all around the top of the purse...and I remember how thrilled I was that the fruit colors were the exact hues of the flowers on the material.  I love when that happens!

I hope your Monday goes well...on to the next project: a bright orange summery dress!


  1. I'm impressed! I tried to twist myself into a pretzel tonight trying to clip my own toenails. I see the value of what you're saying, and very well could be my problem, too. I am looking forward to seeing the dress -- LOVE the purse!

    1. Hi, Theresa,

      Yes, I remember even in my young 20's getting a sore back periodically if I didn't stretch properly. Thanks for your comments about the fruit/flower purse, I love it too!

      Carol Joy


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