Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Fabric Reminds Me of a Romance Novel

She knew he was trouble as soon as she met his dark, angry eyes. Such pretty eyes too, why did men always get the thick eyelashes?

She wasn't some namby, pamby push around kind of girl either. She was a solid 40 year old woman, darn it all, and had been married before, and was well versed at this relationship business.

She'd told herself to calm down when he made an obvious move to talk to her, and he'd commented on the avocado she'd forgotten she was holding.

"Press down on the end, see if it gives any." He'd said,and then sort of ducked his head, like a bashful boy realizing he'd spoken out of turn.

Well that did it. That did it. little boy cute yes, but oh, so yummy, in a grown up sort of way.

Faux/Fake Fur is still Fabulous!

I've seen lots of buzz on the internet and the stores about fake fur for the coming season. Well, good, because I have lots of fake fur too. :)

The jist of what I'm reading is that fake fur has been improved over the's more luxurious, more real looking, easier to take care of.

I'll vouch for that. Except for my obvious fake furs (the red, green and aqua ones) I can't believe how plush my bambi/bunny furs are. And the grey long haired is always a showstopper.

Some of the Faux Fur that I use to create my purses

I love the combination of fur and shiny fabrics like sequin. Or with colorful beads and buttons.
Fur and Sequins Bag
Faux fur jewelry coming soon!