Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Line of Pouches

I've been so busy, I've had to put the orange sherbet dress on the back burner.  I am getting ready for two shows, making and filling orders, and preparing two new pouch lines for my Gypsy Girl Fashions Etsy Shop.

These are some photos of one of the new line of pouches.  I really enjoy making these pouches, I'm using a lot of vintage fabrics (isn't the tomato package cute?) and trims.  They are very creative and no two are alike.


The middle pocket is designed to hold business cards or your ID.  I revised the pattern several times and finally got the pocket to the right size so cards fit real snug in it.  I love the red fabric holding the key ring to the right, it matches the lining.
Here's the inside of one of the pouches, I thought the western theme was cute.  I love red, white and black together.

Here's a group of the pouches together.

I'll post when they come available to my shop.  I need to do some serious sewing tonight!

Has it been hot enough for you lately?  It was 106 degrees today in Las Vegas!


  1. Carol, they're so cute!

  2. Hi, Theresa,

    Boy, you are great for the ego, aren't you?! Thanks, I appreciate the compliment!



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