Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Love Rockabilly

I was at the Home Depot Store today and I admired the store clerk's bright orange hair.  It was florescent orange, and she had thick black mascara, applied like Marilyn Monroe. This isn't a photo of her, but this gives you an idea.  I just love this style!

 My crossbody rockabilly purse
My Crossbody Rockabilly Purse

orange red pin-up hair. Her makeup is amazing! 
Look at this link of an older woman, by the way,  I think she looks fabulous with her tattoos and dyed hair!

I wouldn't get permanent tattoos myself, but it would be fun to get temporary ones put on.
Doesn't she look great?

I love the retro styles now too, especially the 40's.  Here's some of my favorite rockabilly items on Etsy:

polka dot retro rockabilly Yvonne swing dress custom - smarmyclothes
Etsy Shop
The below circle skirt has a Mexican flavor. 

Festive 1950s hand painted Mexican circle skirt rockabilly Mexicana  swing dance rockabilly vlv vintage circle skirt

Etsy Shop
This hair bandana reminds me of what Lucy would wear on "I Love Lucy" Show.  Notice the model's tats.
Etsy Shop

 Cherries seems to be a big thing with Rockabilly.

Red and White Gingham Bow and Cherry Earrings, Rockabilly, Pinup, Burlesque, Kitsch, Scene

 I made this pouch and realized that it had Rockabilly in it too.  Plus, red, black and white seem to be a common theme with Rockabilly.
Rockabilly zipper pouch,  wallet, change purse keyring, unusual pocket, red black, retro, gift for 25, CarolJoyFashions, Carol Joy Fashions
Etsy Shop

Who knows?  It would be so cool to do a craft show at a Rockabilly show.  There's one in Las Vegas every Easter weekend:

. What do you think of the Rockabilly style?

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