Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Minnesota Farm Vacation: Presents to Myself

On my recent Minnesota farm vacation I bought this jewelry set in Rochester at a store that sells everything, including farm equipment.  Yes, that's what I said.  They had a little bit of everything, including jewelry. Plus, it was on sale.

The beads are on a wire so at a distance, it looks like the beads are floating on your neck.  Of course, that large tiger theme rose is to die for.  I love animal prints and coupled with rhinestones, I'm over the moon.

I love dark brown so I've worn this jewelry set about 9-10 times already with my brown print dresses, blouses, skirts...I've worn it for dress up and casual.

I also bought this necklace watch at that same farm store.  Also on sale.

Isn't it cute?  Little rhinestones are in the middle, my favorite.

The piece facing the watch is a mirror, so it's come in handy when I have broccoli in my teeth.  I've also worn this number about 5-6 times, dress up, casual.

 I've bought some of my nicest jewelry on my trips to Minnesota.  What gifts to yourself do you buy when you're on vacation?

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