Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Minnesota Farm Vacation: A Goose or a Dog

I would like to introduce you to Blue Violet, or Blue Velvet or Spot.  He is a weeder goose, and eats bugs, weeds and pond scum.  What a guy.

Paul and Leila Wiens got him from a friend who already had a male and female goose.  Apparently, he is only 13 weeks old.  As a baby he lived in Minneapolis and was a frequent visitor to his neighbors yards.  This little guy is very social, he followed me every time I cleaned out his water bowls. 

I wish you could hear the sound of his feet flapping on the grass and sidewalk as he ran after me.  That's why I feel his name should be Spot, like a dog.

He got the name Blue Violet because of the blue feathers on his side.

The morning after the first night he was here we quacked for him because we weren't sure where he slept outside. He came running out of the woods that morning, quacking away.  Now he sleeps up against the house on the porch.

I really loved this little guy.

Next time:  My Misty Meadows Walk!

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