Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Years Eve Won't be the Same With These Spikes

I am so pleased at how this purse came out--I wanted a purse style that looked different and then I just picked up this cool fur.  I can so see this will a black leather skirt, dress...spiked heels, patterned hose.  Plus, the fur is high quality, super soft.

 Spiked Red and Black Faux Fur Clutch
Look for more of this style from me in my faux fur, build a bag shop!

What color combinations do you like?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Findings for my Build a Fur Bag Shop

I'm so excited about these findings for my fur shop, these will go on the purses that have flaps.  I can't wait to take pictures of the bags with these!  Take a look at the dragon and snake, my faves!

Which are your favorites?

Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Good to Be The Boss

I think the best thing about being the "boss" is sampling your my case, when I make a new product line, guess who always gets first dibs?

I really love the feel of this cute bag--I used tons of interfacing to cushion and give shape to this bag.  Plus, I personalized it--I hand embroidered my initial on the front.  At first, I did an inventory of the most popular girl's names in the last 10 years so I could get an idea of the initial I should put on the front of this first bag.  And then I thought, who am I kidding, the first bag is mine!

To the left of the bag is a clip on 'rat tail'--I just designed it, it's a 'tail' made from really soft brown yarn and I sewed tons of embellishments on it.  It looks cute with this bag.

I'll be posting this purse to my Faux Fur Frenzy Shop in the next few days.  One question though--do you ever look for personalized items at Christmas?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Metallics Rule

Metallic fabrics seem to be all over the place in Las Vegas.  I love the textured metallics, like this quilted one.

I can easily see this fabric used in several projects (all purse related, of course):  Like the body of an owl, or coupled with a flat fabric to give it more umph this is cross fabric example.

Plus, there's an added consideration with this cross fabric.  It's white, which means dirt.  So if I were to use this, I'd use it sparingly, and make sure it was in the part of the purse that would generate the least traffic.  Here's the two fabrics side by side and I love the contrast!

Here's a fabric I love that looks like it has an impressionistic painting. See the burnished metallic gold to the left of the brunette?  It's not loud, mind you, but it takes the fabric from okay to cool!

This above is an example of a fabric that's so rich, it needs to have another fabric to tone it down, to bring out its beauty.  And because this fabric has metallic gold in it already, I think the following spotted metallic would look really cool as a border.

We're getting there---but now I think we need a solid.  hmmmm.

Of course!  Look how cool it is to sew all three fabrics together (I love Powerpoint).  What a great way to bring out the beauty of this painting fabric!

What are your ideas for this painting fabric?