Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Renaissance-Medieval Braids

My inspiration for rattails came to me unexpectedly. It all started when for some reason, I had a picture in my head of a women with ornate, braided hair, decorated with beads and jewels.

 Renaissance Hairstyles For Women

And then I came across extremely soft, fluffy brown and black yarns at the fabric store, I was so impressed with the softness, and the gold threads running through the brown yarn.

Neon Blue Beaded Zipper Pull in my Gypsy Girl Fashions shop

The curliness of the yarn reminded me of when I was a girl and braided my wet hair so that in the morning I had wavy hair to wear to school.  So, I made these braided zipper pulls and I love them!

I think long, wavy hair looks so romantic!

gardensofwhimsy on Etsy

Part of the reason I think actress Andie MacDowell is so wonderful, besides being a great actress and leading lady, is because I love her tresses!  By the way, I couldn't find a photo, but check out the movie Four Weddings and Funeral.  Andie MacDowell is so gorgeous with her flowing, curly hair and large beaded headband!

I love the below more goth looking braided style too.

medieval renaissance hair wedding braided plait headband hairband plaited braid ren faire SCA garb hairpiece reenactment hair band diadem

medieval renaissance hair from Etsy shop 

The below hair style really reminds me of my rattail purse braids.

Beautiful Young Bride With Long Brown Hair In Wedding Dress
youmbo.com Beautiful Young Bride With Long Brown Hair In Wedding Dress
I experimented for a while until I came up with just the right combination of yard threads and length that I wanted.  And then I sewed different colored pearl strands, and beads and charms.  I love how these zipper pulls came out.  I used silver and gold tone swivel clasps--and they can be attached to large zippers or sides of purses with metal hoops.  Or use your imagination!

I mean rattails in the kindest way--I like the messiness and randomness of the beads and "jewels".  I also made some smaller rattails.

 Small Beaded Zipper Pull in my Gypsy Girl Fashions Shop

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