Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ghastlie Witch Purse - Follow-up With the Buyer

I was thrilled and flattered to get an email from the buyer of my Ghastlie Witch Purse below.  Peggy had purchased the bag for a friend in October 2013 from my Bridal/Evening Bag Etsy Store for her friend's birthday, to be worn at an event at her friend's church.  Here's some photos: 

Ghastlie Witch Purse (front)

Ghastlie Witch Purse (Back)
Ghastlie Witch Purse (Back)

Here's part of what Peggy had to say,  " . . . I wanted to remind you that I bought your terrific handbag for my friend Sophia's special birthday last October and you were good enough to make sure it arrived in time.  She LOVED IT and this weekend is the Gala for the charity event at Click here: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church | Tables Extraordinaire 2014 The theme of her table is Which Witch is Witch?

I spoke to her this morning and she has a wonderful gown to go with your beautiful designed purse . . .  It was a Glorious Gala and Dr. Sophia Hatz Cordoba, President of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, the host of the 5th Annual Tables Extraordinaire was bewitching and  beautiful as the hostess of the Which Witch is Which? award winning table and carrying her custom designed CarolJoyFashions original purse!"

Peggy also kindly included a photo of her friend holding the purse and the table she designed. 

I love these type of emails--thanks so much for the photos, Peggy, and I love knowing my one and only witch purse went to a loving home!