Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Making Simplicity 3744 - for my Mother

It's been a while since my Mom gave me this fabric that she bought (she wanted me to make a dress for her)--I was busy yes, but I think it took me so long to undertake this project because it was a new pattern, and frankly this dress wasn't for me.  Is that bad?

Before you think that this fabric is too loud, remember that most older women look great in jewel colors and my Mom's no exception.  On the other hand, pastel colors can wash out your complexion and make you look tired.

Anyway, what finally got the ball rolling is I had this butterfly sequin fabric, and I thought how fabulous it would look on a purse with this aqua tie dye fabric.  I wanted to show off the butterfly and what better way than to put it on the purse flap?

I made this bag with the pattern for my large Princess Purse line in my Bridal Evening Bag Shop on Etsy.  I love that the fabric around the butterfly had enough contrast, otherwise, it would've been too matchy-matchy with the main fabric.

After I made the purse, I was finally excited about making the dress.  Yes, that's how I work, backwards.  I used Simplicity 3744 and I made view D, which is on the far left, the black and white dress.

Simplicity Threads dress 3744

I thought this pattern was a good choice because I loved the details on the dress (the belt in back, sleeves, neckline, etc.) and this aqua tie dye fabric irons with a sharp crease, perfect!

My only concern about the pattern was that the pocket sits across the entire stomach and I thought it would add too much bulk.  So I made sure to use very thin, matching aqua fabric for the pocket insides. Otherwise, I thought the pockets were a cute touch.  Plus, I had some shell buttons that went with the aqua perfectly and look cute on the pocket front.

I like the neck because of that sharp crease from the fabric.

You have the same crease and V shape on the bottom of the sleeve too.  And the matching button decoration.  

When you have details like this, by the way, they show up best on a plain, one color fabric like this aqua. Otherwise, if the fabric is too busy, you wouldn't be able to notice the pocket or sleeves, etc. and your hard work was for naught!

I think the band across the back is cute with the button decoration.  You wouldn't be able to see that with a busy fabric either.

Well, here's the finished dress and bag!  My Mom is going to look fantastic!!!