Sunday, August 4, 2013

Minnesota Farm Vacation

My husband and I just came back from a brief hiatus in Pine Island, Minnesota at Misty Meadows Farm located near Rochester, Minnesota.  The owners, Paul and Lela Wiens, raise grass-fed beef and lamb and produce free-range chicken.

We had such a wonderful, stress free time out in the country relaxing on the back porch, listening to the birds and enjoying the night sky.  Farm life seems pretty slow to a city girl like me, but there were actually a lot of changes that happened during my visit and I'll chronicle these and give you a taste of country life in my next few blog posts (and I'll also be finishing my orange dress, very soon!)

This is  a side view of the farmhouse--isn't it charming?

This is the front of the house and below is right inside the front door.

This is so cool--it's a silo for grain storage (not in use now).

Paul Wiens, the farmer uses this tractor to spread seed.

We were outside on the back porch a lot, stargazing at night (I can't believe how bright the stars were!) or listening to the birds in the morning.

This is a retired windmill.

Stay tuned for the blog about "peepers" and a new goose!


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    1. I know, isn't is great? It reminds me of a house in a fairytale! Wouldn't this have been a blast to visit as children?

      Carol Joy


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