Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Favorite !Bling! of all Time (number 5 of 5)

Okay, this is the grand finale, 5 of 5 favorite blings--drumroll, please!

This is what happens when it comes all together, and this bag was definitely meant to be.

All of the bling on this purse, and there's a lot of it, I acquired at different times, and none of it in the conventional ways. I was given the buttons and leather strips (love those buttons!), the feathers I bought at an estate sale, the beads and flower strips at a garage sale. What was cool is that I used practically everything of each of these items and it worked out perfectly.

There's a ton of hand sewing in this bag--the beads, feather boa, each petal tip on the flowers and of course, the took hours but it was worth it.

This bag was a show stopper.

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  1. That is my all time favorte, too!!! OH my I love it!!!

  2. Thanks Nancy--This was such a special purse!


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