Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My New Red, White & Black Logo Bag!!!

I finally finshed my logo bag see blog http://caroljoyfashions.blogspot.com/2012/06/whats-black-and-white-red-all-over.html

and my husband (aka the shipping department and photographer) took some great shots!

I love dramatic and this bag certainly shouts it! I used really nice, sturdy black faux leather for the main body and for the squares I added white cotton so I can wash it easily. I made sure I put a border on the top and bottom to minimize wear on the white cotton, but also to highlight the squares more.

I had a surprise while I was making this piece, I liked the position of the "C" better in the first square rather than in the second position (compare to my logo here.)

Anyway, it was so much fun choosing fabric for the lining--and I even picked up the red on the handles and the "O's" on the reverse side of the pockets.

I used the same red cotton broadcloth on the reverse side of the handles so they would wear more comfortably--the red "confetti dot" fabric would be itchy against your skin even though it looks great.

I used a lot of cushiony interfacing in this bag--I love the look and feel of it and plus, the added cushioning for the goodies in your bag.

I'll be carrying this bag with me wherever I go--and passing out my business cards and showing any stray purses I have inside this bag. Come say hi!

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