Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Rediscovered Forty Year Old Book I Wrote

I had a nice surprise this week.  For the last few months I've been thinking about a book I had put together when I was 10 or 11 years old (about 40 years ago).  I had done a lot of shredding of my old stuff about a year ago and thought for sure I had shredded the book too.

I couldn't stop thinking about that darn book.  I was laughing about the title, Flyin Pixies.  Why would I name it that, you may ask.  Well, I created the name out of a gold, stick on alphabet and there were only certain letters left.  In fact, I had to make the L with an upside 7 and I made one of the I's out of an exclamation point.  Yes, !

I made the book by taking apart my mom's old date book.  I covered the dates and writing with whiteout (that whiteout is a wonder, I tell you) and I literally cut the book's binding off.  Then, I stitched the book back up with thread.  Even then, sewing!  hahaha

Well, last week I was rummaging through a pile in the corner of the living room and voila, there it was, in all its adolescent glory!  The little pieces of paper that I used to write notes on were still in the book too.  You see, I used this book as a guide for writing my great American novel.  I had lots of characters and used this book to keep track of how they changed over the years.

It was pretty much intact except for some stickers I put on the front that had fallen off.  Well, I was thinking what an innocent time that was, and I decided I was going to make an Etsy shop called Flying Pixies (gee, I hope someone hasn't already taken that name).  I want this shop to be lacy, button-y, cutesy, very home made pouches and purses.  I thought it would be perfect to have it open for Mother's Day with hearts and such.  I made the heart below for the new store (made with vintage floral fabric, by the way).

I'll let you know when I get the store in place!

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