Sunday, July 15, 2012

I hate when that happens

So, has this ever happened to you?

I really take my time matching up fabrics, buttons, patterns.

But it just happened. I was really sure about this combination. I loved the fabric, I loved how when I cut it out that the pattern seemed to fit so well...I loved the button I chose. I started to sew.

And then...ewwwww! Was I blind? How could I have chosen that fabric to go with that? Hmmmm.

So, no, I do not get frustrated and throw the whole thing out. I don't ever do that. I wait. That's what I'm doing now. Maybe I'm waiting for my grandmother to come to me and tell me how to fix this.

And I have this feeling that she'd be very disapointed if I threw my hands up and threw it all away. After all, she was a depression era woman and didn't throw anything away! :)

I'll post what I finally come up with. I'm going to fix this somehow.

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