Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Most Beautiful Bag I've Ever Made....

Well, darn, by the time I'd finally gotten pictures of this bag, I made another bag, and now that's the most beautiful bag....

Oh, well.

What I like about this bag is the layering...I used two fabrics, the lacy silver black scarf fabric and the shiny silver black confetti dot fabric. I used some of the confetti dot for the "necklace" at the top of the bag, but then I also put it underneath the body of the purse, so the sparkles "peak" out of the scarf fabric. I really love the way it looks and sparkles.

I also was pretty thrilled with the button I chose. I have many, many buttons that I could have potentially used...a silver metal one with a floral pattern specifically, but I decided to use this one. To me, the button looks like it's made of bubbles, with a tiny crystal rhinestone in the center of it.

It might be an interesting blog to show a purse in the making and the way a button changes the look of a purse. That will be for next time.

I hope your forth is so much fun and safe!

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