Friday, August 3, 2012

New Design: Piggyback Bag!

I just came up with this new design and I really think it's cute. It's two bags, and one bag is smaller than the other and attaches to the larger bag.

The bags can be taken apart and look good worn by themselves. They can be worn cross body or on your shoulder.

And of course, they are very Dramatic!


  1. Thanks so much, Mary, I really like them too!

    Carol Joy

  2. It was so great meeting you at Junior League event!! You cracked me up the entire time!! I bought one of your beautiful bags on Etsy... I just fell in love.. I like the frilly solid fabrics!! Can't wait to see you again. Thank you for doing great things!!


  3. Hi, Nancy!

    you are so wonderful and you really are an uplifter! I really appreciate your comments and thoughtfulness! Thanks for buying a bag, you lovely lady!

    Carol Joy


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