Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Project 1-5 The Reveal - New Skirt Photos!

As you can tell, I'm very excited to be wearing my new skirt.  Although, part of the reason I'm laughing is that I'm trying to keep my balance on these rocks!

I decided to wear my black 3 inch mary jane heels (the brand is jellypop).  I love these shoes, they are flat black, have a 1/4" patent leather shiny band edging and a little ruffle in front.  I actually bought them at Sears a couple of months ago...I've never bought shoes at Sears but I had just gotten a credit card from them (oh, dear!)

This skirt is extremely comfortable partly because of the lining...and I wore it today (in 117 degree temperatures) and I was fine.  Also, this skirt has a facing waistband which adds comfort too.

I think the lace was a nice touch.  I'm interested if any of you have sewn on fabrics with sequins--?

Love that belt buckle!

I've already got the next sewing project in mind and I'll be discussing that in the next week! Stay cool, ladies!
 Posts for the First Project Challenge:  Introducing the project, discussing pattern changes, making the skirt and recreating the belt (I lost the belt pattern piece).

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