Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Project 1: Black and White Checked Skirt--With Sequins!

As promised, I've chosen the fabric I will be using for this first project in my Fabric Stash Challenge and here's the photos.

This is a black and white checked gingham cotton fabric, with a little stretch.  It has lovely thread swirls throughout and sewn on silver sequins in the flowers (my favorite!)  What's nice about this fabric is that it is a medium thickness and doesn't require a slip.  However, because the fabric is a little rough (it feels like a broadcloth), I may want to line it anyway.  Also, I generally like to line fabric with sequins because the sequins are little itchy. 
Pretty sequins are sewn in the flowers
I have several options for patterns because of this fabric weight and slub.  I could make a cute spring/summer jacket, except I only have a yard and half fabric at 52" wide and I do need to line up the checks...I could make a sleeveless, snug dress with a slit in the back.  That would look nice except I think it will be dressier than what I want.  I could make a jumper and wear a crisp, white blouse underneath.  I have a great pattern but it has a ton of pleats and I don't want to deal with sequins in the pleats, plus I don't want a lot of pleats or darts taking away from the flower design.

I could make an a-line skirt...that would be so pretty and summery with a white blouse.  I will use a pattern that I don't have to cut into too many pieces and disturb the fabric pattern.

I'm going to use Simplicity 7377--I'm well acquainted with this pattern and it's easy to make.  I like option "C", and think it will look cute with the belt.  The facing waistband is comfortable too.  You'll see my progress over the next week!

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