Monday, July 8, 2013

Project 2-3: The Reveal: Burnout Velvet Fabric Dress

I am so pleased with how this dress came out, even though it turned out to be a tougher project than I thought!  See these two posts where I explain how I made the dress here and here.

There weren't many pieces to this pattern, which was a good thing, and if I was just using a regular knit fabric, this dress would have been a breeze, but then I wouldn't have gotten this experience working with velvet burnout fabric, right?

I think this fabric is just lovely and it is so flattering.   Wouldn't a dark purple or red velvet burnout look lovely too?

I made this black fur purse with black feathers a number of years ago. I think it held up well!

This dress was so comfortable to wear even in the 108 degree heat!

These are the earrings and necklace I wore.  I got these at a Las Vegas Craft Show, they are amethyst and peridot. The necklace is a lariat style, you tie it around your neck.

Of course, I painted my nails with gold glitter nail polish!

I chose these 3" heel, patent leather shoes from Sears. (Remember I had a credit card?)  I love how they cross in front.  Plus, these are very stable, you don't feel like you're going to fall out of them.  Good dancing shoes!

What garments have you made with burnout velvet or even regular velvet?  Was this velvet difficult for you?  If you have any tips to make velvet easier to work with, I'd love to hear them!

Carol Joy


  1. It's the burn out velvet and yes deep purple would be beautiful.

    Capture life,

    1. Thanks, Kathy for your comments, yes, I believe purple velvet would be heavenly!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, that was very kind of you to say!

      Carol Joy


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