Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mount Charleston Wild Fire

I wanted to give my thoughts and prayers to the firefighters battling the Carpenter 1 Fire ignited by a lightning strike on Monday July 1, 2013.  Residents on Mount Charleston have been evacuated and shelters set up.

The smoke has been so thick that the mountains have been barely visible and the sunsets over the mountains have been eerie. 

I appreciate all the people making us safe, especially the firefighters that are risking their lives.  Thank you.

John Mowbray/Special to the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Sonny Clary/Special to The Las Vegas Review-Journal


  1. This fire is so awful, we have friends on Mount Charleston that were evacuated. Good luck to the firefighters too.

  2. I'm glad your friends are safe, Jenna. Let's hope they get this fire contained as soon as possible!


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