Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Button, Button, Who's got the Button?

I recently became the proud owner of about 2 pounds of buttons from a lovely lady who is moving out of the area.

Sorting buttons is one of my favorite pastimes (besides going fabric shopping).

I first form a pile for the unusual shaped and textured buttons.

I make a pile of metal buttons too.  Aren't these cool?  Look at the one with the horse in the upper right hand corner.  And I love the military buttons too (lower left)--just think of who wore that button!

Look at this one--it reminds me of a nuclear physics logo.  Wonder if that one is vintage?
I also look for antique-y buttons, although I'm no expert.  Look at these worn buttons.

Sometimes it's the worn, unattractive buttons that are the most valuable (ever watched Antiques Roadshow?)

I also look for buttons made from shell.  See the flower button below?  That's made of plastic and it's easily identified because of its light weight and flat color.

A shell button, on the other hand (see right above) is going to have more weight to it, have a complex sheen, and it will sound click-y when placed on a surface.  A plastic button will sound flat.  Shell buttons will feel nicer in your hand and will feel cooler to the touch than a plastic button too. 

I look for button groups like this too for potential outfits I can make.  Sometimes if I'm really in love with a button, I'll build an outfit around them.  These below reminds me of a cool, retro suit.   

Here's a purse I made and the button was the important, crowning touch.  I think it really gave the purse character.
Khaki Flowers Purse

I love this nautical button, and I am compiling a group of fabrics based on a nautical theme--this will go in that pile.

Last--this is my favorite button because it reminds me of Las Vegas Glam.  This goes in my special pile!

Do you like to collect buttons?  What do you look for?

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