Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So Long, Kittycat

I wanted to make heart purses for valentines day--so I started looked around my studio at all my stuff and spied this lovely, soft black fur and then I noticed some white fur which was a lot longer, and it reminded me of the white markings of my family's first kitty.


My Dad named her Boots and she just showed up at my family's doorstep one day.  I come from a large family of six girls and one boy and all of us kids fell in love with that kitty.  Except, she never went by the name of Boots, we just called her Kittycat or Kitty.

She was a kitty with her own mind, that was for sure.  She wanted to go cattin' around at night, and we'd better not stop her!  I remember trying to make her sleep with me one night but she would have none of it.  She ran onto the piano and pounced on the keys, making the loudest ruckus you can imagine.   Out she went!

She didn't like us kids to pick her up and cuddle with her either.  Petting her was okay, but she needed to be on the ground, thank you very much!

She went out of our lives as quietly as she entered.  My brother said he saw her sauntering into the woods.  We never saw her again.

On this eve of 2014, I'm a little surprised at how emotional I still feel about Kitty.  I love you Kittycat!


  1. Carol, that is an adorable purse! What a lovely way to commemorate the cat! She was a funny kitty -- learned quickly that the fastest way to get the front door to open was to jump up onto the piano keys. Happy new year! Theresa

  2. Thanks Theresa!

    I had so many funny memories of our kitty as I made this purse!

    Carol Joy


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