Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grandma's Buttons

I was just going through my many buttons, all shapes, sizes and colors.

My favorite buttons, by far, is from the jar of buttons my grandma gave me from her attic in Traverse City, Michigan.

They are stored in old mason jar. But what's really cool is that the women back in her time saved EVERYTHING. So, amongst the buttons are hooks and eyes, bra clasps, needles, small thread spools...and I love the military buttons and badges. Who wore them? Were they from a child killed during the war? From a sweetheart that never came back?

This is a bag I made with one of my grandma's buttons.
Khaki Flowers Purse

I found a small article in one of my button stashes once. There was a carefully folder article from 1960 about a woman becoming the first police officer in that area. The judge, after he swore her in, told her to "keep her powder dry".

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