Monday, March 5, 2012

Tell Me Why When You're so Blue


Tell me why when you're so blue,
You're most tranquil (In a good mood)?

Like blue ink spilled you're smooth and wet.

Your enormity scares me,
Comforts me,
Spares me,

From emcompassing doom
When in grey gloom you sometimes cry.

I wrote that poem when I was about 17 for a writing class. I remember I was outside on a spring day...feeling the vastness of the sky, the air was a little cool (it was a Florida day in the morning) and birds were active all around me.

It's not spring yet, but people are anxious for it. Here's a few treasuries with spring time blue in them (and my Sea Wolf bag).

Sometimes I feel blue...
by Mariam-Kankou from Kankou

For that wedding by the sea....
by FlowDesigns from FlowDesigns

Retro touch
by Milleta from milleta

Let it be a normal day!!
by valeria from valeriatelier


  1. Nice poem and love the purse!

    Capture Life,

  2. Thanks so much, Kathy, that's really sweet!

    Carol Joy


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