Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Ruby Red Sequins, Cheetah Faux Fur Bag Collection

Did you ever complete a project and it exceeded your expectations?  A project you were so proud of, you kept looking at it again and again, because it was so beautiful?  Well, I almost broke my arm patting myself on the back, but I couldn't help it.

Ruby Red Sequins and Animal Print Fur Collection

I absolutely love this color combination, I love the contrasting fabrics, fur, shiny sequins, sturdy broadcloth cotton...and take a look at the snake charm hanging from the large purse.

Isn't it lovely?  And the crowing touch is that the red snakes eyes match the ruby red fur!
Red Eyed Snake!
And I tried a new thing too--I added the stripe of sequins--

The sequins took a lot of patience, time and stitches to get them secure but it was worth the trouble.

I also took extra time to add padding to all the pouches so they're nice and thick.  Doing so adds a little weight too, so they feel substantial when you hold them.  Also, they are sturdier.

I love when a project turns out like this!

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