Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fake Fur Fiasco

It happened innocently enough.

I made a big, fluffy long-haired, dark brown fake fur coat for me three years ago. I'd never washed it, and I was nervous about taking it to the dry cleaners (you know, saving the environment and all). So, I closed my eyes and put it in the washer on gentle (did I mention I also put the matching hat in the washer?)

After the wash, I took it out and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was all in one piece (plus the hat).

Then, guess what I did? I put it in the DRYER!!! Yes, not on high heat, but still in the dryer. For about 20 minutes.

When I took the coat and hat out, they looked and smelled wonderful. The fur looked beautiful. And I was thinking well, well well well well.

I have lots of fake fur, some very beautiful that I've paid a lot for. So I had a lovely long-haired grey with purple fur that was a little matted in spots. I spritzed some water on the fur and put it in the dryer. For about 10 minutes.


The long hairs were all crinkled. I tried to brush them out and they looked worse. I gently washed the fur and put cream rinse on it. Isn't that was you do for frizzy hair?

No, no and no. So now, I officially have 2 yards of fake fur that looks like fur from an animal that died of old age. I'm not going to throw it out because I never throw failed projects out. I'll use it for something.

What a powerful lesson this was!

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